The trailer today houses the best of the best. All of the appliances and electronics have been marine tested. The chassis is hot dipped galvanized steel and the body, aluminum. The body is assembled using aviation assembly techniques and all fasteners are grade 8, mil spec, or marine grade. All skins and panels are assembled with 3M industrial UV resistant sealants and adhesives. The design includes, and not found on any other trailer on the market, the ability to withstand freezing temperatures as well as hot desert climates. All of the exterior skins are insulated and the water supplies are protected by 12V heat trace and heat pads. The trailer comes with a fully adjustable rack and wrap around awning, but no tent. The rack is designed so that people can make their own choices about what sleeping options are best for them. The rear bumper has three receivers for tow points, tire and bike racks, and an insert to add a jockey wheel for leveling the trailer or to change a tire. The front towing arm is removable. This takes away 3 feet of overall length, great when storing in a garage. The water system has a dirty water tank so you can fill the tank from a stream or lake and then filter for drinking or showers. The water system also has the ability to be street connected, bypassing the tank and filtration system.