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    Blue Sea Systems 360 panel   Manufactured in the USA        
        DC and AC controlled panel including switches and breakers
        Panel Includes:
        Main Battery Disconnect    Tank Water Level Gauge    120V AC Outlet   12V DC Outlet    2 USB Fast Charge

2  Dragonfly Lithium Batteries LiFePO4  Deep Cycle   100A each   Manufactured in the USA
    Magnum Energy Pure Sign Wave 2000W  4000W Peak Inverter/Charger/Controller   Manufactured in the USA
    Zamp Portable Solar Panel  120watt   Manufactured in the USA
    Shore Power Connection 30amp Smart Plug   Manufactured in the USA
    50 ft 12 Gauge shore power electrical cord with Smart Plug Connector   Manufactured in the USA    

Galley Appliances
    Engel MT-45 Refrigerator/Freezer  AC/DC  Removable   Manufactured in the USA
    Dickinson Stainless Steel 2 burner 11,000 BTU stove   Manufactured in Canada
    Dickinson Stainless Steel Sea B-Que Grill   Manufactured in Canada
    Ambassador Stainless Steel Sink and Hot/Cold Mixer
    All galley surfaces are food grade stainless steel with food grade sealants and adhesives.

Water System
    Water Filter General Ecology Seagull IV   Manufactured in the USA
    Water Tank Marine Grade  20 gallon NSF   Food Grade Delrin with 6” clean out   Manufactured in the USA
    Dirty Water 2” Fill Port with 50gm removable strainer
    Street Connect Aquor Stainless Steel Mini Hydrant V1 with removable faucet   Manufactured in the USA
    Water Pump Whale Watermaster On-Board Pump with Pre-strainer
    Water Draft Pump Whale Mini Purger
    LPG Hot water Passive Heater   Supplies shower and galley mixer
    All water supply is plumbed with PEX tubing with brass and stainless steel connectors. Each line is married with
    12V 3W/ft heat trace line and insulated.  A 60W heat pad is located underneath the water tank. All surfaces
    surrounding water tank, filtration, and pump, are insulated with reflective R-18 (exterior exposed) and R-9 (interior exposed) closed cell reflective insulation.

    The EDC has the largest USABLE storage space in its class. Storage is accessible by pullout locking-in, locking-out, aluminum trays. Each tray is designed to have customizable dividers for easy organization and secure stowing.  Each tray has side lash points and coin raised rubber matting. Side compartments have adjustable shelving.

    Internal lights are tough polycarbonate tube 12 Volt LED  Rated for 50,000 hours   Manufactured in the USA
    Waterproof to IP66 rating
    Exceeds compartment lighting requirements NFPA 1901 standard 2009
    Mounting clips have indexing feature allowing 3 fixed angles
    120 - 360 lumen
    External lighting TBD

    5500HD Axle-Less Trailer Suspension With 4" Lift and Electric Brakes   Manufactured in Canada
    Electric brakes controlled by REDARC Tow-Pro Elite

Liquid Propane Gas
   20lb Tank   Gas manifold supplies one high pressure quick connect, and three low pressure quick connects

    Fully customizable, aluminum, anodized and powder coated 3 bar rack system and 3 bar sub-rack system. Includes 4 side plates for mounting optional shovels, Maxtrax, surplus water, and fuel storage containers etc. Rack system is 20” above the sub-rack crossbars allowing for SUP’s, Kayaks, Gear/Fire Wood basket or other items to ride between the tent and the trailer.

    Alu-Cab Shadow Awning 270 Degree  (sides optional)

Trailer Dimensions

  • Length - spare tire to hitch 13‘ 1”

  • Length - body rear to tow arm receiver 9‘ 9”

  • Body Height 3' 5“

  • Ground Clearance 1' 7”

  • Width 6’ 3” (same tracking width as Toyota Tacoma)

  • Dry Weight 2100 lbs

  • Tire 33

  • Rack 1' 9" H X 5' 10" W X 6' 1" L