Why Does the Overland Access Trailer cost $40,699?

The EDC is an Expedition Trailer. This type of camping trailer allows you to go wherever an off-road vehicle can go. Yes, you can buy a 22 foot RV for that much but you'll never go where the EDC can go. The components of the EDC allow you to stay outdoors for as long as you would like to stay. We've done our very best to find the best sub-systems and components in the market and if you take a close look at the trailer chassis and body you'll see that it is built to withstand the test of time. If you look at the spec sheet below you'll see that nothing but the best, field tested, time proven, components, are on the EDC8


Why Does the EDC look like a hot dog vending cart?

Yes, we've been asked this.

We live and play in beautiful Bend, Oregon. 30 minutes to the west is the beautiful Cascade Mountain Range, and 30 minutes to the East is the High Desert. We knew we had the cold elements beat, but, how do you handle the heat of the desert in the summer? We decided to insulate the doors (R-9) and to polish the Aluminum. Silver will reflect 15 - 20 percent of the heat that falls on the EDC. Other darker colors will absorb heat. A white car is easily to be 10 degrees cooler on the inside. A simple experiment easily shows that the light or reflective colors are cooler. If you place your hand over a reflective or white surface it gives the illusion that the metal is hotter, its actually reflecting the heat back to you and what is under the surface will be cooler. The EDC on the website is polished aluminum, and, yes, of course you can get the EDC in colors. A little mustard, please?



Is the Overland Access EDC made in the USA?

We take our commitment to Made in the USA very seriously. In the few cases where we use non USA made subsystems, we do it because there's not a viable alternative that meets our quality standards that's USA made. So, here's your call to action! Start a tent-making company! Start a rack-making company! Start a suspension-making company! If you can supply us with a high quality alternative that's made in the USA, we'll use it!


Does the EDC come in colors?

The EDC is vinyl wrapped. There are so many advantages with wrapping the EDC. Its durable, easily replaced if you scratch it, the colors are endless, if you get a new rig you can match your new vehicle, and if you get tired of one color you can wrap with a new one! The rock deflectors, rack risers, and wheel wells will always be powder coated black as a part of our assembly process. These parts are replaceable if damaged. The roof deck will be polished and sealed aluminum to help reflect heat and this surface is usually walked on. All we need from you is your favorite color, or if your trying to match your vehicle we’ll do our best to do just that. Many companies like 3M and Avery offer color matching vinyls.


What does AVIATION assembled mean?

We’ve all pretty much been inside an airplane. The skin materials and air frames, bounce, stretch, twist and even shrink and contract with temperature. To allow this natural movement in an airplane, and our trailer, we limit welding and instead ‘fasten’ the individual parts with rivets and 3M adhesives and sealers. Careful attention to detail in the fabrication and assembly process allow the trailer to move naturally, yet keep it impervious to heat, cold, dust, water, and wind. These extra steps in our manufacturing process will give you the confidence that your trailer will withstand even the ‘test of time’.


How do I charge the batteries?

The EDC can be charged 4 ways. Two are options. Just connect the 50ft electrical cord to an AC outlet and the EDC’s inverter/charger will automatically start charging the batteries. Another way would be to connect the 120W solar panel to the solar panel port. Hey, free energy! Another (optional) way to charge the batteries comes from the towing vehicle. If you’re on long runs and you’re using the refrigerator to keep things cold, the towing vehicle can keep the batteries topped off while cruising down the road. Lastly, another (optional) way would be to mount a small 15W solar panel to the front storage compartment. This will trickle charge the batteries all the time… as long as the sun shines.


Do I have to connect and disconnect the water and gas lines?

Short answer. Yes.

All of the gas and water lines have to be connected and disconnected because of the push-in, pull-out drawers. They all have brass quick connect couplings. This only has to be done on setting-up and packing-up. Its up to you whether they stay connected at night or while leaving the site.


What’s a dirty water tank?

The EDC has a dirty water tank. This is NOT a grey or black water tank. ‘Dirty water’ is water that has been added to the water tank from a creek, stream, lake or any other natural source. Because of the tiny microorganisms that live in these water sources the water has to be filtered. So, if you’re near a creek or lake, you can use the Whale bilge system that comes with the trailer to add water to the dirty water tank. The EDC has a 1000 gallon water filtration system from General Ecology. The water filter cleans all of the water making it safe for drinking and shower use. The bilge pump and hose are 50ft long and can pump up to 40 feet in elevation! Just connect to the 12V connection conveniently located next to the ‘dirty water’ fill port. There is also a potable water connection port that by-passes the filtration system delivering water directly to all of the appliances.